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Badminton Serves
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Types of Badminton Serves [Forehand & Backhand]

by Daniel Wright | Last Updated Jul 03, 2018

Every battle for a badminton point starts with a serve. It’s the first step that opens up the game and introduces players to each other. Every contact in badminton is important, but the first time you hit the birdie may have a very significant effect on you. A good serve can put you in an Read More…

Badminton Footwork
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Badminton Footwork and Position on the Court

by Daniel Wright | Last Updated Jun 01, 2018

Badminton is a quick and complex sport to master. There are a lot of aspects you should pay attention to. Among these aspects is movement. It’s so to speak one of the key elements in this, as well as in other sports. Generally, badminton players tend to make lots of sprints and runs. Without proper Read More…

Badminton Shot Types
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6 Types of Badminton Shots [Defensive & Offensive]

by Daniel Wright | Last Updated May 14, 2018

Once you have your gear ready, are familiar enough with the basic principles and rules of badminton and know how to hold your racket you are prepared to play. Please pay special attention to footwear and your grip because the mastery of these two is essential to prevent injuries. You should have a considerably built Read More…

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Badminton is one of the fastest game in the World. I'm not talking about the speed which the players are moving on the court but about the speed of a shuttlecock. According to the Badminton World Federation, the record for the fastest smash holds Leen Chong Wei. In 2015, he hit a 253mph smash. The speed of this game propably got me so much that I started to train as a child. Now after 20 years, few injuries and winning tournaments, I'm still doing this sport as a coach. Read more..